Saransh Sehgal - writer, photographer & media and web researcher

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An analytical writer, photographer, Web science consultant and media researcher.

I write on social issues around the globe. Also on cultures, adventure, science and technology and travel in the Himalayan region and across the globe. In specific the Tibet geopolitics. Stories on Tibetan refugees and the Dalai Lama and features which intersect the West and the East, which includes the foreign policy. Have extensively written on Tibetans in Exile, Dalai Lama, Buddhism and India-China Relations – current affairs, social issues, Travel and Cultures across the globe and issues which are global subjects.

I have always worked on various global projects as digital content strategist, customer relationship manager with strong know-how of B2B model and analytics.

Photography : Much of the photography has been on Himalayan people, culture and tribes in the and also on Tibetan refugees as well as travels in various countries. Those pictures constitute nature, people, issues, travel, portraits, photo essays, postcards, cultures, and news events.

Upcoming project:

Research: Web Science + social media + science-media relationship

Key skills and interests: technology, journalism, communication, web science, social media, media research, PR, concept and management, and creative editorial.

Currently researching the communication behavior of an intergovernmental organization (IAEA, a UN agency).

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